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Precision Medicine... Translating Oncology Drug Discovery into Success in the Clinic

January 19, 2016

Crown Bioscience announces its second European symposium on Oncology Translational Platforms.

We are honoured to have a number of leading scientists and clinicians who agreed to share their valuable time and experiences across the spectrum of drug discovery and the clinic.

Crown Bioscience will also provide an insight into both current and future developments in oncology modelling, and the use of PDX in human surrogate trials to improve the success rate of novel therapies in the clinic.

The event will be free to attend for all invited guests. There are a limited number of places, so please register early. Simply send us an email at with your request to join the event. If we have to limit the number of invitations, any requests we cannot accept will be offered a priority place for our forthcoming Symposia across Europe and the USA later this year.

Here is the full agenda for the day.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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