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October 29, 2013 Why would one of the most successful entrepreneurs in biotech choose to take on the challenge of cancer research? Co-invented more than 200 patents and published 40 scientific articles that referenced 5000 times, Guo-Liang Yu co-founded and was chairman and CEO of Epitomics Inc. for 10 years until their recent acquisition by Abcam for $170M. As the new Executive Chairman of Crown Bioscience, his passion is bringing a fresh and vibrant change to an already highly ... LEARN MORE
October 29, 2013 The Cost of Failure Everyone’s been trying it over the last 10 years or more, but what has been the true impact of significant changes in ... LEARN MORE
October 29, 2013 What’s Hot in Oncology Today? Oncology, as with other areas of Drug Discovery, is a shifting landscape. As we come towards the end of 2013 we look ... LEARN MORE
October 27, 2013 Are You Seeing Resistance to Your Compound? In Oncology, drug resistance can limit the clinical benefit of a targeted agent. Understanding the molecular mechanisms ... LEARN MORE