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on the latest trends and hot stories in Oncology and CVMD

January 23, 2020 NASH Clinical Update: What to Expect in 2020 Review the rapidly evolving non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) clinical landscape, with a roundup of all the big 2019 news and who could win the first drug approval for NASH in 2020. LEARN MORE
January 22, 2020 Cancer Cell Line Authentication Review best practices in cancer cell line authentication, including a comparison of STR and SNP assays. LEARN MORE
January 17, 2020 The Link Between Diabetes and Kidney Disease Learn more about the link between diabetes and kidney disease, including three main ways that hyperglycemia negatively ... LEARN MORE
January 16, 2020 How Are Organoids Different from 3D Primary Cell Cultures? Explore the key differences between organoids and primary cells grown in 3D, from both healthy tissue and tumors. LEARN MORE
January 9, 2020 How to Use Tumor Organoids for Oncology Drug Screening Review how, and why, to use tumor organoids in in vitro oncology drug screening programs. LEARN MORE
December 3, 2019 Top 12 Questions: Applications of PDXO Review the top 12 questions on PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) utilities from our recent webinar, answered by Dr. Rajendra ... LEARN MORE
November 29, 2019 Patient Tumors, PDX, and PDXO: Model Correlation Q&A At our recent webinar we discussed our innovative PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) in vitro platform. We received many interesting questions on how these models correlate with their parental PDX and originating tumors, which we've summarized and had answered here by Dr. Rajendra Kumari, Global Head of Scientific Communication. LEARN MORE
November 26, 2019 Ask the Expert: Successfully Developing PDX-Derived Organoid (PDXO) Models Review the key questions on the development of PDX-derived organoids (PDXO) from our recent webinar, answered by Dr. ... LEARN MORE
November 22, 2019 The Importance of Companion Diagnostics Explore the importance of companion diagnostics (CDx) and the benefits of their early adoption and drug codevelopment. LEARN MORE
November 5, 2019 Cancer Biomarkers: Improving Detection and Treatment Explore the three main types of cancer biomarkers and their main uses in cancer diagnosis, informing prognosis, and ... LEARN MORE
October 30, 2019 The Biological Equivalence of PDXs and PDXOs Learn about patient-derived xenograft (PDX) and PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) biological equivalence, based on shared genomic diversity, tumor heterogeneity, histopathology, and drug response profiles. Explore how these similarities make the models highly complementary and interchangeable, providing researchers with a patient-relevant in vitro PDXO system and ... LEARN MORE
October 29, 2019 Advances in In Vivo Oncology Models at AACR-NCI-EORTC 2019 In Boston this week we’re presenting all the latest updates across our panels of in vivo oncology models. Catch up with ... LEARN MORE
October 28, 2019 New Organoid Platforms for Oncology and I/O Drug Discovery at AACR-NCI-EORTC 2019 2019 has been an exciting year at CrownBio with the addition of organoid platforms to our portfolio of models and ... LEARN MORE
October 28, 2019 Biomarker Discovery and MOA Evaluation through Genomic and Proteomic Profiling at AACR-NCI-EORTC 2019 This week in Boston we’re presenting data on our new analysis platform and preclinical technologies. This post recaps ... LEARN MORE
October 25, 2019 How to Detect, Characterize, and Evaluate CAR-Ts: Top 13 Questions Review key questions on preclinical models and rare cell analysis technology for assessing CAR-T cell therapies from ... LEARN MORE