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May 7, 2019 Combination Therapies and Tumor Homograft Models Learn more about using tumor homograft models to assess oncology combination regimens, including immunotherapies. LEARN MORE
April 25, 2019 Large-Scale Immunotherapy Screening: How and Why? Learn more about the need for large-scale cancer immunotherapy screens and the different immunocompetent models ... LEARN MORE
April 16, 2019 5 Criteria for Choosing a Contract Research Organization Contract research organizations (CROs) vary in capability, quality, experience, cost, and ease of collaboration. Weigh ... LEARN MORE
April 3, 2019 New Analysis, Model ID, and Modeling Technologies at AACR 2019 In Atlanta this week we’re presenting data on our new analysis platforms and preclinical technologies. This post recaps ... LEARN MORE
April 2, 2019 Syngeneic and Tumor Homograft Immuno-Oncology Models at AACR 2019 Recap all our AACR presentations on murine models including bioluminescent orthotopic syngeneic models, syngeneic model ... LEARN MORE
April 1, 2019 Humanized Model Update at AACR 2019 Review all the new data on our humanized target models for human-specific CD40 and combination regimen assessment, and ... LEARN MORE
April 1, 2019 AACR19 Analysis: PDX and PDX-Derived Organoid Models Review all the new data on patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models we’re presenting at AACR 2019 this week, including cancer types where there are limited preclinical models such as prostate cancer and sarcoma, novel platforms such as PDX-derived cancer organoids, and using PDX for predictive biomarker discovery. PDX models provide clinically relevant ... LEARN MORE
March 29, 2019 Tumor Antigen Targets for Personalized Adoptive T Cell Therapies Discover the types of tumor antigens available for T cell therapies, including tumor-specific antigens, ... LEARN MORE
March 26, 2019 Patient-Derived Organoids (PDOs) for Personalized Cancer Research Learn more about patient-derived organoids, a unique ex vivo tool enabling personalized cancer research for improved ... LEARN MORE
March 14, 2019 LAG3: A Promising New Cancer Immunotherapy Target As we continue our discussion of the immune revolution in cancer therapy, we look at the benefits of targeting LAG3, an ... LEARN MORE
March 7, 2019 Genetic Abnormality Spectrum in Hematologic Cancers What have we learned about the genetics of hematological cancers, and how can that be modelled for research and drug discovery? LEARN MORE
March 6, 2019 Using Genetic Features to ID and QC Murine Tumor Models Learn how unique genetic events can be used to generate a “genetic fingerprint” to ID and QC murine tumor models. LEARN MORE
March 5, 2019 Recognizing and Profiling T Cell Receptors Learn more about T cell receptors in personalized T cell therapy, including TCR diversity, repertoire, and how TCR are ... LEARN MORE
March 1, 2019 Novel Uses for PDX Models in Preclinical Drug Development Learn how unique PDX models are used to support clinical drug development, discover predictive gene signatures, and for ... LEARN MORE
February 28, 2019 Challenges and Opportunities in Pancreatic Cancer Research Learn more about pancreatic cancer -- its associated risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes -- and current ... LEARN MORE