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October 28, 2019 New Organoid Platforms for Oncology and I/O Drug Discovery at AACR-NCI-EORTC 2019 2019 has been an exciting year at CrownBio with the addition of organoid platforms to our portfolio of models and services. We’re presenting our latest organoid progress updates with two posters at this year’s AACR-NCI-EORTC meeting in Boston. LEARN MORE
December 20, 2018 Immunotherapy 2018 Review: From the Nobel Prize to Clinical Trial Failures 2018 has been a roller coaster year for immunotherapy, from exciting Nobel Prize news to warning IDO1 clinical trial ... LEARN MORE
October 6, 2016 Breast Cancer No Longer Scary as we Reveal Its Smarter Disguises October is breast cancer awareness month and CrownBio has reviewed the latest breast cancer research to bring you the ... LEARN MORE
September 6, 2016 All About Leukemia for Childhood Cancer Month September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, raising awareness and providing time for discussion on this deadly group ... LEARN MORE
August 23, 2016 Put Your Glasses On, Tumor Pharmacology Goes 3D Attrition rates in oncology drug development are higher than in other disease areas, with almost 95% of compounds ... LEARN MORE
August 2, 2016 Study Finds Perfect Therapeutic Match To Fight a Common Form of Leukemia Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of childhood cancer, characterized by an excessive ... LEARN MORE
July 22, 2016 Mystery Solved: Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Partners in Crime to Kill Advanced Cancer Cancer cells have the ability to evade the immune system by exploiting a self-regulatory mechanism that immune cells use to avoid attacking healthy cells. Luckily we now understand how to therapeutically reverse this immune escape, and researchers have developed innovative antibodies that target the inhibitors present on the tumor surface (e.g. ... LEARN MORE
July 7, 2016 Cancer Cell Lines: Immortal Champions in Oncology Drug Discovery Human cancer cell lines are a powerful model system that can be propagated virtually indefinitely in culture, and ... LEARN MORE
May 19, 2016 Large-Scale Screening Using Patient Avatars Aid Clinical Trial Design As scientists are learning about the heterogeneity between patients that supposedly have the same tumor, they are ... LEARN MORE
May 10, 2016 Can We Conquer Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer? At the beginning of the last century lung cancer was a rare disease. However, as early as the end of the 1900s, it had ... LEARN MORE
January 20, 2016 Avatar Trial Identifies New Treatment Route for Melanoma Patients Melanoma accounts for approximately five percent of all skin cancer cases, yet it is responsible for nearly 75 percent of skin cancer-related deaths. The BRAF gene is frequently mutated in melanoma, leading to aberrant activation of an important growth pathway. Melanoma patients who receive treatment with targeted therapies that inhibit activated BRAF ... LEARN MORE
December 16, 2015 The Bloody Business Of Tandem Duplications in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common form of aggressive hematologic malignancy affecting adults. AML is ... LEARN MORE
December 8, 2015 Syngeneic Models Take Center Stage In Immunotherapy Syngeneic models were developed over 50 years ago as early in vivo models for oncology drug development, consisting of ... LEARN MORE
November 24, 2015 Epithelial To Mesenchymal Transition: A Step Back For Cancer Cells, A Step Forward For Drug Discovery Metastasis remains the main cause of cancer-related mortality, despite major scientific advances in the understanding ... LEARN MORE
November 18, 2015 Syngeneic Models: the Old Becoming New at AACR Shanghai Following the success of the 2014 event, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) held a second edition of ... LEARN MORE