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June 8, 2020 Using Tumor Organoids to Identify Cancer Biomarkers Review why and how to use 3D in vitro tumor organoids to identify cancer biomarkers. LEARN MORE
May 5, 2020 HUB Organoids as Human Cancer Models Explore the phenotypic and genetic concordance between HUB patient-derived tumor organoids and the primary human ... LEARN MORE
April 30, 2020 How to Use Tumor Organoids for Immuno-Oncology Applications Explore how to use tumor organoids for immuno-oncology applications, including immunotherapy assessment through ... LEARN MORE
April 1, 2020 The Role of Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids in Precision Medicine Explore how patient-derived tumor organoids are used in the clinic to develop novel precision medicine approaches for ... LEARN MORE
March 16, 2020 Tumor Organoid Q&A: PDXO Models and Immuno-Oncology Applications Review the key questions and answers on PDX-derived organoids (PDXO) and tumor organoid immuno-oncology applications ... LEARN MORE
March 12, 2020 Top 10 Questions: HUB Organoid Technology and Models Dr Rajendra Kumari answers the key questions around HUB Organoid technology and tumor organoid models from our recent ... LEARN MORE
January 16, 2020 How Are Organoids Different from 3D Primary Cell Cultures? Explore the key differences between organoids and primary cells grown in 3D, from both healthy tissue and tumors. LEARN MORE
January 9, 2020 How to Use Tumor Organoids for Oncology Drug Screening Review how, and why, to use tumor organoids in in vitro oncology drug screening programs. LEARN MORE
December 3, 2019 Top 12 Questions: Applications of PDXO Review the top 12 questions on PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) utilities from our recent webinar, answered by Dr. Rajendra ... LEARN MORE
November 29, 2019 Patient Tumors, PDX, and PDXO: Model Correlation Q&A At our recent webinar we discussed our innovative PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) in vitro platform. We received many ... LEARN MORE
November 26, 2019 Ask the Expert: Successfully Developing PDX-Derived Organoid (PDXO) Models Review the key questions on the development of PDX-derived organoids (PDXO) from our recent webinar, answered by Dr. Rajendra Kumari, Global Head of Scientific Communication. LEARN MORE
October 30, 2019 The Biological Equivalence of PDXs and PDXOs Learn about patient-derived xenograft (PDX) and PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) biological equivalence, based on shared ... LEARN MORE